The Greatest Choice of Orthodontics at Devonshire Dental Care in Glasgow

Devonshire Dental Care in Glasgow’s West End has been providing beautiful smiles to its patients for over 10 years. Their patients’ welfare and happiness are its number one priority and the team will do anything they can to ensure great customer service.

Not only is it a great dental clinic in Glasgow, but it also has the greatest choice of orthodontic treatments available to suit all sorts of teeth straightening requirements. These treatments range from just correcting the front teeth, correcting all the teeth and improving the bite and function of the teeth. They also offer different timelines, so whether you need your teeth straightened quick time or can take a more leisurely stroll down your teeth straightening path, Devonshire Dental Care has it all on offer.

The dental practice offers over 10 different teeth straightening systems, ranging from conventional orthodontics, the well-known Invisalign, Inman Aligners, Damon Braces, Simpli5 aligners, Six Month Smiles, CFast & lingual braces. Below we focus on a few of the treatments on offer.


Making a name for itself for all the right reasons, Invisalign has become a popular choice in clear aligners, used for teeth straightening. Millions of people worldwide have gained the beautiful straight smile they desire with this treatment.

A series of clear aligners are tailor-made for the patient. These are virtually invisible and can be removed to eat and drink and to clean and floss the teeth. The clear plastic aligners should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day. They gently move the teeth into the desired position.

Every two weeks, the aligners are changed, which moves the teeth into position. Invisalign is a highly predictable teeth straightening system, which means the patient can see with 3D software how their teeth look now and how they will look once they have moved into the correct position. Every case is different but in most cases treatment time is between 12-18 months.


Invisalign Teen

Not only is this great little treatment available for adults, but it is also an option for teenagers. It works in the same way but has a few advantages, specifically for teenagers.

These include markers on the aligners to remind patients when to change them and replace them with the next aligner in the series. Teenagers also get spare aligners, so that treatment can continue if an aligner happens to be damaged or lost.

Invisalign Lite

Another option for this tooth straightening system is Invisalign Lite. This is better for those patients with minor orthodontic problems, such as minor crowding, poorly positioned teeth, small gaps or slightly crooked teeth.

The system is the same as Invisalign, but the treatment time is much shorter. The patient usually gets prescribed a maximum of ten aligners and treatment takes around six months.

Lingual Braces – Secret Smile

Another great option for discreet teeth straightening is lingual braces. These little beauties are discreetly fitted to the inside of your teeth rather than the front so they can’t be seen.

The brand used at Devonshire Dental Care for lingual braces is Secret Smile. Small brackets are fitted to the inside of your teeth and the teeth are moved into position by a thin, strong wire.

The main benefits of Secret Smile are:

Invisible – the wire and brackets can not be seen, so it makes this treatment a good choice for people who don’t want others to know they are having teeth straightening treatment.

Speed – the results can usually be seen within six weeks. This is a very quick turnaround as conventional braces can take years to move teeth into alignment.

Comfort – the brace system is friction-free and uses self-ligating brackets. These brackets allow the wires to move throughout the treatment, which lessens the number of times the patient must return to the dentist for adjustments.

Six Month Smiles

If it’s only those front teeth on show when you smile that are bothering you, but your bite is fine, then Six Month Smiles, a revolutionary tooth straightening system hailing from the US, might be the best option for you.

The system focuses only on the front teeth, which are visible when you smile. It uses tooth-coloured materials, such as clear brackets and white nickel-titanium wires, which means that the system is another discreet option. These are tailor-made for the patient and the system can treat a variety of issues, such as gaps in teeth, overbites, rotations, and extrusions.

As the name implies, the treatment time is usually around six months, but it can vary from 4 months to 9 months, depending on how much the teeth need to be adjusted.

Many people across the globe have benefited from Six Month Smiles and it is a fast-working treatment, which is discreet and with very good, predictable results.


Devonshire Dental Care offers all the above teeth straightening options and more. In addition, the clinic is currently running a special offer for FREE Whitening and removable retainers (worth £511) with every adult orthodontic case booked!

Why not book your consultation at the practice today on 0141 339 3123 and start your journey to getting the smile you’ve always wanted.


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